Jacuzzi "Milan" Lay  Z Spa
Jacuzzi "Milan" Lay  Z Spa
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Jacuzzi "Milan" Lay Z Spa

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The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa hot tub is an inflatable hot tub that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are alone, with the whole family or with friends: the Jacuzzi Lay-Z-Spa can accommodate up to six people and invites you to relax as if you were on vacation. The hot tub is equipped with AirJets massage jets and a heating system. A powerful pump provides an effective massage, in which air is pumped from the spa nozzles under pressure. Air and water pressure is enriched with oxygen so that it massages each guest evenly in the jacuzzi. Unlike traditional jacuzzi, the heating function does not turn off during the massage. Jacuzzi becomes your own oasis of relaxation in stressful everyday life. Thanks to the durable TriTech fabric, the jacuzzi is designed for up to six people. This 3-layer laminate made of two layers of polyester gives the pool extra stability and a long service life. The bottom has been finished with foam, which provides a soft seat and thermal insulation from the bottom. Properly set nozzles massage tired feet. Water temperature up to 40 ° C can be selected. Installation is simple, quick and requires no tools. The pool will fill itself with a pump heater so you don't need a separate pump. Immediately after inflating the hot tub, just fill it with water and heat it to the desired temperature. During use, the included filter cartridge and dosing float ensure permanently clean water, so you can relax without hesitation. Filter cartridges can be easily replaced. The inflatable cover is attached to the pool with secure latches and protects against debris such as falling leaves, insects or pollen. In addition, the cover has an insulating function and prevents temperature loss. You can also save energy. Features - Bestway Filter Cartridge - Spa Pump - ChemConnect Dispenser - Inflatable Lid

Soothing AirJet Plus ™ system (80 AirJets)

Energy-saving, automatic heating system controlled by a clock

Integrated water filtration system

Reinforced lid with safety clips and built-in air chamber for insulation

Digital control panel

All settings are made via the digital control panel - including the activation of the filter system and the rate at which the water is to be heated (max. 2 ° C / hour).

The solid structure guarantees that the bathtub can be refilled and emptied many times without the risk of losing its shape. The bathtub is filled with a multifunctional pump, which also cleans and heats the water and drives the AirJet system.


Number of seats: 6 seats

Capacity (in m³): 0.916

Material: PVC

Construction material: PVC

Width (in cm): 196

Length (in cm): 196

Pump included: Yes

Pump power (in W): 2060

Maximum heating temperature (in ° C): 40

Digital control panel: Yes

Total number of air nozzles: 80

Lid included: Yes

Shape: Round

Place of use: Indoor / Outdoor

Dispatch time 5-10 working days