Rug "Arteo" 240x340

Rug "Arteo" 240x340

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100% New Zealand wool / New Zealand wool

An exclusive line of the highest quality wool rugs. Due to its oriental design, it fits perfectly with the classic interior design. The latest technology used in their production makes every detail of the pattern perfectly visible, and the carpet is exceptionally noble and dense to the touch. Thanks to the high density, carpets from this collection are characterized by exceptional durability and exceptional pilling resistance.

Product details: 

  • pile height: 9 mm (+/- 1 mm)
  • weight: 2515 g / m2 (+/- 6%)
  • material: 100% wool
  • backing: jute

Wool is resistant to unpleasant odours - This is because wool fibres create an unpleasant environment for bacteria that do not multiply on them.

Wool carpets are resilient - In a densely woven product, the bristles return to form even when some furniture stands on it for a long time.

Wool is a natural product - A wool rug is biodegradable, it decomposes without releasing any harmful substances.

Wool is not a human invention, but nature itself - Most artificial fibres are only imitations and attempts to counterfeit the original.

Wool is a 100% natural product - Manufactured "without a drop of oil".

Wool carpets are flame-retardant

Wool fibres provide a gentle micro-massage - It helps to relax, soothes muscle tension, improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings.

Wool rug controls the temperature - Wool feels cool to the touch in hot weather. On cold days, on the other hand, it perfectly insulates and gives a feeling of warmth.

Easy care carpet - Wool is the most resistant to dirt and stains among all carpet materials.

A wool rug rarely causes allergies

This wool carpet has hygienic certificates

A wool carpet is suitable for an allergy sufferer's room

Wool contains lanolin - a natural animal fat that coats every hair, creating conditions unfavourable for the development of mites.

Acoustic insulation - rooms with carpets are cozy and perfectly soundproofed. All this thanks to the air channels inside the fibres.

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