Swimming Pool 305x76 Bundle
Swimming Pool 305x76 Bundle
Swimming Pool 305x76 Bundle
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Swimming Pool 305x76 Bundle

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 Bestway Steel Pro pool

This Steel Pro ™ Pool is the best in portability, affordability and durability. The walls of this 4,678 L pool are made of our Tritech ™ material, heavy-duty PVC and polyester. The frame is constructed of corrosion-resistant metal frames that are easy to install and remove. At the end of summer, the garden hose simply connects to the built-in flow control valve and drains the water. The round shape of this Steel Pro pool facilitates installation, increases stability and takes up less space as it does not require any lateral support. This Pool Set includes a filter pump to keep the water clean and pristine.

In addition to water entertainment, you should remember about the care of the pool, which requires the use of professional accessories included in the set: the pool pump provides the necessary water filtration and should work at least a few hours a day.

Features of the set:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Reinforced PVC and 3-layer polyester sidewalls
  • The built-in drain valve in combination with the included adapter allows easy drainage of water using a garden hose
  • Underwater self-adhesive repair patch
  • The exceptional strength of the side walls of the pool is achieved thanks to the DuraPlus ™ technology. 
  • Three-layer material reinforced with a core of polyester mesh sandwiched between two layers of resistant PVC material creates a total thickness of 0.40-0.80mm depending on the size of the pool, ensuring excellent strength and durability
  • Anticorrosive metal frame
  • The pool is equipped with FrameLink System ™ securing the connection between the elements of the frame
  • Sheathing with mosaic print on the inside walls and the bottom of the pool
  • Easy disassembly and off-season storage
  • The round shape of the pool provides easy installation, increased stability and more space due to the fact that the pool does not require side support

BESTWAY STEEL PRO pool 305x76.

1.Pool rack.

2.BESTWAY 58381 filter pump.

3.I-type filter - BESTWAY 58093.

4.Flexible hoses for the pump.

5.Clean water in the pool - guide.

6.Extensive instruction in Polish.

7.Mounting kit without tools.

8.Hose clamps from the pump.

9.BESTWAY Pool End Caps, 2 pcs

10.Screw cap from the BESTWAY drain valve.

11.Adapter for BESTWAY drain valve.

12.BESTWAY underwater self-adhesive repair patch

13.BESTWAY pump strainers.

14.BESTWAY end caps.

15.Solid cardboard.

16.FFP2 mask necessary for the application of pool chemicals.

17.Thermometer that measures the temperature of the water in the pool.

18.Work gloves for folding and chemical application.

19.Chemical dispenser.

20.Chlorine for the pool 100 grams.

21.BESTWAY Pool Ball 31021.

22.Pool rack connectors.

Expansion pool:

  • Dimensions: 305 x 76 cm
  • Pool weight: 18.6 kg
  • Recommended water filling: 90%
  • Capacity: 4,678 litres

Pump technical data:

  • Capacity: 1249 litres / hour
  • Power supply: 220 - 240 V
  • Pump filter: type I

Dispatch time 5-10 working days.