Swimming Pool 732x366x132

Swimming Pool 732x366x132

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The perfect pool for the whole family - supported by strong, durable steel frames which are powder coated for rust resistance and a beautiful appearance.

SUPER-TOUGH ™ - triple-laminated side walls are reinforced all around with tape to keep the rack legs firmly in place. Easy to assemble and designed for many years of family fun

  • Brand: BESTWAY
  • Size: 732 x 366 x 132 cm
  • Capacity: 30,045 l
  • Sand pump capacity: 5678 l / h 
  • Filter type: Quartz sand 0.4-0.8
  • Weight: 171.1 kg

The set includes:

  • Pool with rack
  • Sand pump Bestway
  • Set of connections with pipes
  • Sand for the pump 10 kg
  • Chemconnect - dispenser for pool chemicals
  • Safe ladder with a platform
  • Cover to the pool
  • Foot cleanser
  • Vacuum cleaner connected to the pump with a net for catching dirt - BESTWAY 58234
  • Skimmer - surface water purifier - BESTWAY
  • Repair patch
  • Nose and ear plugs
  • Pool thermometer
  • Set of additional repair patches
  • Beach ball
  • Swimming bands
  • Chlorine


A sand pump is the best possible pool water purification device. It guarantees crystal water compared to a standard pump with a cartridge filter. Sand is economical, easily accessible and ecological.

The pump has a convenient gear, thanks to which you can easily switch on one of the 6 operating modes. The pump has all the components to run it. The connection diameter is 38 mm.

  • Brand: BESTWAY
  • Pump capacity: 5678 l / h
  • Sand tank capacity: 9 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Power: 230W
  • Application in pools: From 1100 l to 42 300 l capacity
  • System capacity: 5,300 l / h


Cleaning kit for pools with a maximum diameter of 457 cm. By using it, you will significantly reduce the time spent on cleaning the water in the tank from dirt floating in it.

The set includes a stick with a length of 279 cm, a tip to be connected, an adapter and a pipe with a length of 6 m. The set works when the filter pump is running, with a minimum capacity of 2006l / h

  • Brand: BESTWAY
  • Telescopic pole length: 279 cm
  • Set consists of: telescopic pole, tip, 1 adapter, pipe, mesh for catching dirt
  • Purpose: Pools with a diameter of max 457 cm
  • Pump required: With a minimum capacity of 2006 l / h
  • Hose diameter: 32 mm
  • Hose length: 6 m


The skimmer is a useful device that, when connected to a filter pump, cleans the water surface of any impurities, and can also be used as a pool chemistry dispenser. It is not only easy to assemble, but also when using it - the handle makes it easy to remove the basket.

The offered model is suitable for pools with tires as well as for racked pools. Requires a pump with a capacity of at least 3,028 l / h.

  • Brand: BESTWAY

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