Swimming Pool Intex 975x488x132

Swimming Pool Intex 975x488x132

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  • Brand: INTEX
  • Size: 975 x 488 x 132 cm
  • Capacity: 54,368
  • Sand pump capacity: 10500 l / h 
  • Filter type: 35 kg sand included
  • Weight: 251.6 kg

This set includes:

  • Pool with rack
  • Sand pump
  • Hoses and a set of connections to the pump
  • Sand for the pump
  • Cover
  • Pool pad
  • Repair patches
  • Ladder
  • Foot cleaner
  • Mattress for swimming
  • Swimming wheel
  • Flamingo-shaped drink holder
  • Nose and ear plugs
  • Thermometer
  • Additional self-adhesive repair patches

The first advantage of the latest Intex technology is that you get extremely nice, clean pool water. It takes place in such a way that the smallest particles of pollutants gather in larger groups and then fall to the bottom of the reservoir thanks to the aeration of the water. As a result, filtering and sludge removal through the filter is much more efficient.

Crystal clear water in your garden pool

The new technology combines water and air, thereby oxidizing magnesium and iron: thanks to this, you will get rid of water discoloration in your pool. The result is crystal clear water.

More negative ions on the water surface

It has been proven that more negative ions means more refreshing and fresh air in the area of ​​the garden pool, as it removes impurities and neutralizes free radicals that have a negative impact on its quality.


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